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Your wedding day has to be perfect and you have made sure that is perfect. In fact, to record your perfect wedding, you are planning to hire the best wedding photographers northamptonshire possible. However, you are not sure what to look for exactly.

What to look for in a good wedding photographer

Style -- Wedding photography styles tend to vary considerably. Do you liked posed pictures, informal pictures, funky trendy pictures, pictures of the guests or only of the married couple, the venue, etc? Depending on the style, you will easily find great photographers in almost any budget.

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Cost -- Almost all photographers charge per photo but the most well known photographers usually charge a lump sum. On an average, the photo budget will come to about 12 -18 of the wedding budget. However, this can be reduced by focusing on the wedding couple rather than guests and thus reducing the overall photo and processing costs. sometimes costs also depend on how you want the photos presented. For example, photo books are much more popular than prints on photographic paper and books are cheaper as well. However, if you plan to give the wedding photos as mementoes in the form of mugs, photo frames, etc, it will increase your budget.

References -- The best way to find really good photographers is by asking friends and family. You can easily look at their personal photo albums to understand the photographer's style. If you like a particular style, you can then get in touch with the professional and discuss cost and budget. Photographers also have their own albums and you can browse through them before finalizing your decision.

Book the photographer -- If you like the style, the budget and the demeanor of the photographer, you can easily book them immediately. However, problems may arise here too as the photographer may not be free for your selected date. If they are working other events in the same week, it may affect your event leading to processing delays, hurried photos, etc. As a result, you may have to move on to the next photographer you have shortlisted.

Knowledge -- Photography trends are changing constantly and this means that your photographer should be up-to-date about the latest digital trends, photo presentations etc. It also ensures that the photographer will take innovative photos and he is interested in increasing his skills to benefit his customers.

Contracts -- Take the time to go through the contract two or three times before signing on. This is essential as the contract will list costs, budget, termination resolution terms, etc and it is a binding legal contract. It will also ensure that the photographer is there for your event. The contract should also include liability insurance, damage insurance, number of photos, no of photo copies, per photo costs, timeline, payment process with advance payments and payment dates.

The bottom line

A good photographer is expensive but this is actually worth it in the end. Trained photographers will take wonderful photos that can actually be beautifully unique. Just remember to have a fully signed contract regarding the number of photos, types of photos, etc you want.